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Readings & Other Magickal Services

Here is a list of the services I provide, I am really passionate about helping people create a life of true happiness and purpose.

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Who is Vladimir Black?

Who am I? What Am I all About?

I am a Romani born man and am an accomplished Astrologer (Someone who reads the stars, I am sure most of you are familiar with that), Cartomancer (Someone who reads Cards, I read The Tarot and am very familiar with the Rider Waite & Thoth systems of Cards), Osteomancer (Someone who reads Bones) and a Crystallomancer (Someone who can read a crystal Ball). The other thing that I am most passionate about is taking these and other Magickal, shamanic and mysteries of the old world and bringing them into a simpler, modern understanding and a way that we can all work with it today.  


Projects That I'm Working on....

Here is a list of the current Spiritual, Artistic and other projects that I am working on. When I am finished, I often add posts onto the Blog or items in the shop.

Available Courses

Why a Reading
with me is Different?

There are many readers, but there is only one that does it like me.

I combine three major Types of Divination to get your answers, and to show you the path ahead. By combining The Tarot, The Bones and Astrology, I can get a complete view of a situation and I always strive to encourage my clients to the greatest possible situation for themselves and their loved ones.


I’ve had many readings over the years but none have been as spot on as Vlad’s. He is amazing at clarifying any questions that arise and a wonderful person to be around. Highly recommend him! -Leela S.

I had the most incredible reading from Vlad! He has a real talent, every part of it felt so true to my current situation, what had been happening in my life prior to the reading, and what steps i needed to take to guide me on-wards. I had the reading at a time of confusion, loss and chaos in my life. I received so much guidance and left feeling empowered! Vlad’s personality shone through, and through his authenticity i felt i could open up to him like a close friend. I’m so grateful Vlad, for your wisdom and gifts, they were such a blessing. Couldn’t recommend him more. -Theresa H.

This was the first reading I actually ever have gotten and it’s totally resonated and mind blown me on what has been read. It was spot on. Also Vlad rocks in general. His personality is beautiful and quirky. The right kind of awesome!!! Thanks Vlad seriously want to spend more time around you. Your knowledge is incredible and I have learned so much in our one hour. – Alana G

Thankyou so much for my reading Vlad, it was Amazing! Such an Amazing Friendly Person you made Me feel like I can do anything and overcome anything..Thank you – Tammy J

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