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I’m Vladimir Black and welcome to my part of the web. So this is kinda shameless self promotion (Just FYI). I am a Romani born man and am an accomplished Astrologer (Someone who reads the stars, I am sure most of you are familiar with that), Cartomancer (Someone who reads Cards, I read The Tarot and am very familiar with the Rider Waite & Thoth systems of Cards), Osteomancer (Someone who reads Bones) and a Crystallomancer (Someone who can read a crystal Ball). The other thing that I am most passionate about is taking these and other Magickal, shamanic and mysteries of the old world and bringing them into a simpler, modern understanding and a way that we can all work with it today.

I have travelled extensively, and the whole time was studying these ancient arts in as many parts of the world that I possibly could. I have studied with a wide variety of Witches, Priests, Priestesses, Sorcerers, Brujo’s, Hoodoo’s, Nungari and Kedatchi, Mambo’s, Houngan’s and Southern Root Doctors, continuing the eduction first initiated by my great grandmother.

I have owned three successful Botanica’s (Essentially a New Age Store) in Australia and through that was able to travel, speak at conferences and continue to learn about these ancient arts that I have dedicated my life too. I have completed studies at a University level in Psychology, Naturopathy, Anthropology, History and Fine Arts. I can take extremely complex esoteric ideas and break them down in a way that is easy for everyone to understand – its kinda my gift, and I can do so without loosing the actual reasons, essence and philosophies behind it.

In addition to all of this I love Dance music (Love a dance and estatic revel!), am a passionate artist with interests in Fine (Traditional art Painting, Drawing ,Sculpture etc) and the Dying arts (Taxidermy and Insect collecting – I have a particular love for Rouge Taxidermy). I have a passion for the old world, in addition to doing my magickal practice (Of which this is a part) I also work as a traditional Furrier (Someone that makes Fur Coats), where I take old fur coats remodel them into current garments of homewares or anything else I can imagine.

My most ultimate dream is to be a true renaissance man, this is my journey of that, what I have learnt along the way, My life In Melbourne Australia, the progress of my dreams coming reality and showing the world how wonderful true Magick and Sorcery can be. Welcome neighbour, I hope for us to become friends.

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