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The Fae, Keshyili or the other People

Started on August 15, 202110:00 - 12:002 Hours

Have you ever wanted to find fairy’s? Have you always thought that you have had an incredible connection to nature and the spirits that reside within it? Have you always felt like a steward of the environment? Answering yes to any of these questions more than likely means you have an intimate connection to the Devic world or the world of the Fae.

The natural world is filled with many more wonders than we are taught to see. Anyone with a sense of spirit knows that the natural world is filled with a copious amount of mystery’s that we are still learning to solve in this modern age. One of these mystery’s is the elemental intelligences that exist throughout nature, they have been called Fairies, The Fae, Deva’s, Kami, Keshyili and many, many more.
Come to this exciting workshop where you will learn about the Fae, Elemental beings and the Deva’s.  You will also receive information about the mythology of the Fae from a variety of Cultures and ways of contacting the good fairies and ways to keep the bad ones away!

Come and Learn what Fairies look like, about their relationships with animals, their spirituality, their connection to Crystals and certain stones, about fairy circles and raids, The Fairy royalty, the elemental beings, a more earthly explanation for Crop Circles and Alien Abductions and so much more.