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The Jewels Of Atargatis

The most commonly known system for dealing with the energy centres of the body is the Eastern Charka system. However there is also another, rooted in Hermeticism. I use both a Qabalistic system in dealing with the energy centres of the body and an Eastern Charka system. The Kabbalistic way is also amazing interesting and utilised for its own reasons. Although it has many ideas and concepts that are within the Charka system there are also some fundamental differences. In this article I will be explaining the Occult Charkas, or Psychic Jewels and there similarities to the Charkas and introducing the system as a whole. 
The Hermetic Caduceus is the starting point, by observing it, when placed over the body, it clearly shows the snake like forms of the primary Nadis and the Pingala of the Ida that twine around the Sushumna. Continuing by placing the tree of life over the physical body we have in small and simplified way, the completed system of the Occult Jewels. This is not a new concept, the 17th century Hermetic Philosopher Johann Gitchel produced a fascinating drawing showing the traditional planets in line with the Chakra Positions; incidentally it is suggested that Yoga itself was first created in the schools of Pythagoras and was then imported into the East by Alexander the Great, several hundred years before Patanjali complied the Yoga Sutras. So one could say that the Charka system originally originated in the West. When the full charka system is explained, there are 88000 charkas in the body, and within the Qabalistic system there is a difference, when all the charkas are fully explained there are 880 in Qabalistic thought. However there are major energy centres that we focus on, in The Charka system there are 7 major energy centres, whereas in the Occult Jewels there are 10.

The Jewels are the centres for the energetic currents that course through the universe and draw in the universal spiritual energy. They both draw in that energy and push out that energy, creating a perfect balance of energies within the human body. Just as in Charka Philosophy, the jewels can become murky which is exactly the same, in many ways as a charka been blocked. The Jewels are the centres of our spiritual consciousness and regulate our energetic bodies which are nessacery for us to live. The jewels posses facets and these facets are energetic overflows that help maintain the energetic flow, similar to the petals of the blooming lotuses within the Charka system. These energy systems can be controlled through sacred breathing techniques, energy work, ritual work or a combination of all three. Each of the energy centres is connected to the others and through one been murky the others will not function properly. Each Jewel is its own dimension and each appears within our bodies relating to a world of the Tree Of Life. 

Within the context of the Mystical Qabalah, Kether is the source of the divine light, it could be said that Kether sends its light down through the “Aperture of Brahman” which is the depression that everyone has at the base of their skull. It is located eight fingers above the hair line, called within anatomy the Lambda which is the occipital rounded angle that corresponds with the point of meeting of the sagittal and the lambdoid suture in the skull. It is stated within spiritual communities that this is that point that the soul leaves the body. Above this natural gateway sits Kether in Atziluth, which could easily be compared to the thousand petaled lotus of the Sahasraram. In the centre of the skull vault sits Binah, understanding, which we can easily associate with left brained thinking, the right brain would be associated with Chockmah, wisdom. Binah is also symbolic of the great mother and Chockmah the great father. It could be considered that Da’ath, the unknown Spheriot sits in the centre of the skull vault. At this point the worlds seperate and we descend in the world of Yetzirah. Anja, the third eye Charka is then associated with the Spheriot of Chesed, this is the Spheriot of Mercy, as it is through our third eye that we can really have a mercy for all of life. Vishudda the throat is Geburah, Strength, it is through our throat and our voice that we can show our strength, after all the pen is mightier that the sword. Anahata, the heart is linked with Tiphareth, this is the strongest of the links between the two systems, Tiphareth, beauty and the heart charka have much in common, and it is through this strong link of heart, love and beauty that we can see the two systems overlaid with each other.

Manipura just above the navel, the solar plexus, is linked with Netsach, Victory, this is the centre of power in the material world. It can be viewed in some ways as your will power, your direct energy. It is said in certain Indian texts that meditation on the Manipura would allow one to create or destroy the world. Hod, splendour is associated with Svadlstana, just below the navel, this centre encompassed the desire in all to create a world of splendour around us, where our true unconscious desires can manifest themselves into action. Yesod, the Foundation sits in our genitalia it encompasses the force in which we create our foundation in this world. This combines with the final spheroid of Malkuth, the kingdom where all of these energy centres manifest here on this plane.
Below is a more detailed explanation of the Occult Jewels, with there associations and mediative images. You will notice a few things, the images themselves encompass more of a sacred geometry aspect to them and are more intensely linked with the planets. 


Kether Jewel

Number: 1

Common Name: The Crown

Governing Archangel: Metatron


Related Charka: Sahassara

Incense: Ambergris

Stone: Diamond

Color: Brillant (White)

Plant Associations: Almond, Lotus, Rose

Medical Conditions: Death

Governing Area Of The Body: Cranium

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Elemental Association: Air

Hertz: 211.44

Note: G#

BPM: 99.1

When Harmonious: Deep Contentment, A feeling of Love for all things and the ability to communicate clearly and lovingly. It also is a feeling of deep Peace infused with an intense joy. 

When Disharmonious: A sense of self satisfaction. A need for others to look upon you as holy or more obtained. 

Chokmahchokmah jewel


Number: 2

Common Name: Wisdom

Governing Archangel: Ratziel

God-Name: Yah

Related Charka: Anja

Incense: Musk

Stone: Star Ruby; Turquoise

Colour: Grey

Plant Associations: Hashish, Amaranth

Medical Conditions: Insanity

Governing Area Of The Body: Left Face

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Elemental Association: Fire

Hertz: 207.36

Note: G#

BPM: 97.2

When Harmonious: The correct knowledge of what is right and wrong, Instinct is on well. You will be receive flashes of inspiration, that will be correct when followed.

When It is Disharmonious: Inspiration is impossible, Feelings of been “Spaced Out”,  impulses to harm yourself or others, been contradictory for the sake of it. 




Binah JewelNumber: 3

Common Name: Understanding

Governing Archangel: Tzaphkiel

God-Name: YHVH Elohim

Related Charka: Visuddhi

Incense: Myrrh

Stone: Pearl, Sapphire, Onyx

Colour: Black

Plant Associations: Belladonna, Cypress, Opium Poppy

Medical Conditions: Dementia

Governing Area Of The Body: Right Face

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Elemental Association: Water

Hertz: 147.85

Note: DBPM: 69.3 / 138.6

When Harmonious: Been like a wise grandparent, knowing what will work and what won’t, Perseverance and strength

When It is Disharmonious: Saying No to everything, implying that everything is too difficult, complicated. Fear of New Things, disinterest in anything that is not within your experience. 

Chessed JewelChesed


Number: 4

Common Name: Mercy

Governing Archangel: Tzadkiel

God-Name: EL

Related Charka: Anahata

Plant Associations: Cedar

Stone: Amethyst

Colour: Purple

Plant Associations: Olive, Shamrocks

Medical Conditions: Dropsy

Governing Area Of The Body: Left Arm

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Elemental Associations: Water

Hertz: 183.58

Note: F#

BPM: 86.05 / 172.1

When Harmonious: Been excited and passionate about life.  You will be invigorating and joyful. Experiences of unconditional Love. An understanding that everything is beautiful and perfect. The ability to say yes to different experiences.

When It is Disharmonious: Been overactive, a feeling of constantly been under pressure, having “to many” things to do. Resentment that is matched with a fear that stopping would make the world fall apart. Frantic.


Geburah JewelGeburah



Number: 5

Common Name: Strength

Governing Archangel: Khamael

God-Name: Elohim Gibor

Related Charka: Anahata

Incense: Tobacco

Stone: Ruby

Colour: Scarlet

Plant Associations: Nettle, Oak

Medical Conditions: Fever

Governing Area Of The Body: Right Arm

Ruling Planet: Mars

Elemental Associations: Fire

Hertz: 144.72

Note: DBPM: 67.8 / 135.6

When Harmonious: Sound decisions, while taking everyones emotional state into consideration. Impartial, sensible, a feeling of “Clear” within you mind. Infinite patience with the ability to correct instantaneously.

When It is Disharmonious: Mean, cruel, Judgemental. Passive aggression, refusing to act even though one should, Not caring about the hurt you inflict upon others.


Tiphareth JewelTiphareth

Number: 6

Common Name: Beauty

Governing Archangel: Raphael

God-Name: YHVH ELoah Va-Dah-ath

Related Charka: Anahata

Incense: Olibanum

Stone: Topaz

Colour: Rich Salmon

Plant Associations: Datura, Foxgloves, Damiana, Acacia, Bay, Laurel

Medical Conditions: Heart lesions

Governing Area Of The Body: Torso

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Elemental Associations: Earth

Hertz: 126.22

Note: B

BPM: 118.3

When Harmonious: Kindness, the ability to see through illusions, seeing how everything makes sense. Been strong in body and mind.

When It is Disharmonious: Counterproductive Pride, Using what you can see to control others, Using your inner strength to dominate others.


NetsachNetzach Jewel


Number: 7

Common Name: Victory

Governing Archangel: Haniel

God-Name: YHVH Tz’vah-oht

Related Charka: Manipura

Incense: Benzoin

Stone: Emerald

Colour: Bright Yellow Green

Medical Conditions: Skin Problems

Governing Area Of The Body: Lions, Hips

Ruling Planet: Venus

Elemental Associations: Fire

Hertz: 221.23

Note: A

BPM: 103.7

When Harmonious: Goal driven, the ability to see how you have “won” in life and the feeling of exhilaration that comes with that.

When It is Disharmonious: Addictions, The feeling of never been satisfied, Withdrawal feelings from people, places and things.




Hod JewelNumber: 8 

Common Name: Splendour

Governing Archangel: Michael

God-Name: Elohim Tz’vah-oht

Related Charka: Svadistthama

Incense: Storax

Stone: Opal

Colour: Red Russet

Medical Conditions: Nerve Troubles

Governing Area Of The Body: Lions Legs

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Elemental Association: Water

Hertz: 141.27

Note: C#

BPM: 66.2 / 132.4

When Harmonious: Wit and intellect, the ability to enthralled people with your presence, the ability to enjoy life, teaching with clarity, Funny

When It is Disharmonious: Insomnia, worry, recycling of negative emotions, Depression, FOMO, Cruel with words and intellect.


YesodYesod Jewel


Number: 9

Common Name: Foundation

Governing Archangel: Gabriel

God-Name: Shadi-El Chai

Related Charka: Muladhara

Incense: Jasmine

Stone: Quartz

Colour: Dark Purple

Plant Association: Orchid Roots, Mandrake

Medical Conditions: Impotence

Governing Area Of The Body: Genitals

Ruling Planet: Moon

Elemental Association: AirHetz: 210.42

Note: G#

BPM: 98.6

When Harmonious: Comfortable and the ability to experience that, knowing that things are on the right track

When It is Disharmonious: Dislike of Change, family problems, Misuse of opportunities. 



Number: 10

Common Name: Kingdom

Governing Archangel: Sandalphon

God-Name: Adonai- Mel-ech

Related Charka: Muladhara

Incense: Galbanum

Stone: Salt Crystals

Colour: Black with Olive and Golden Rays

Plant Associations: Corn, Willow, Ivy, Lily

Medical Conditions: Sterility

Governing Area Of The Body: Feet

Elemental Association: Earth

Ruling Planet: Earth

Hetz: 136.1

Note: C#

BPM: 63.8 / 127.6

When Harmonious: Been Grounded, Been aware of all things around you

When It is Disharmonious: Laziness, inabilities of faith.