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My Spiritual Practice

My Spiritual practice dominates my life in a lot of ways. Its not really a practice as much as it is a life style. Everything I do is invested with some part of my essence and spiritual practice. My first Spiritual influences were my family, especially my great grandmother, who came to live with us when I was 6, as is common with many European Families. My first lessons involved predicting weather patterns, dowsing for fresh water springs and my first introductions to cards, bones, herbs, tea leafs and all the other things my culture is rich with.

I have travelled extensively, and everywhere I have been, I have sort out Traditional Cunning People, Witches, Priests, Priestesses, Sorcerers, Brujo’s, Hoodoo’s, Nungari and Kedatchi, Mambo’s, Houngan’s, Southern Root Doctors, Madmen and any others that I could find.

What it has left me with is a rich understanding, that is interwoven with my learnings from all different aspects of my life. A deep want for people to be happy, in solid friendships, to be successful and in love! For what a world it would be if more people could be like that!

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