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Magick And Poison

Started on August 29, 202110:00 - 12:002 Hours

In the old days, there was a massive link between Magick and the Natural world. One of the most intriguing aspects of this ancient link was the association between Witches, Plants and Poisons. Throughout the witch trials in the dark ages, and continuing into the New World, the association between witches and poisonous plants was so strong, that if found with certain plants upon your person, it could easily wind you up on a Pyre.  There are many claims (Mostly from Distorted evidence, proclaimed by certain religious officials), of witches using certain poisons in potions and other brews that would induce death of those giving them trouble. There is even more evidence that talks about witches using these plants to heal, induce meditative states or to even Travel.

Herbs have been used for thousands of years in healing diseases and injuries, but they have also been used as a major part of folk magic for various purposes including good luck, love, prosperity, protection, and more. Just because the plant may be poisonous, does not remove it power for certain magickal practices.
In this intriguing workshop, Vlad, will take you through 13 Poisonous herbs used by Witches and Sorcerers throughout the ages. You will receive knowledge on the deities associated with each herb, what it can be used for in magick, its mythology and its other uses.

Come ready to explore:






San Pedro


Fly Agaric

Adam & Eve Root



Black Nightshade