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Astrology 101

Started on October 2, 20219:00 - 17:008 Hours Including Lunch

Have you always been fascinated by your astrological chart? How about actual Feng Shui and the art of Individual Placement? Have you always wondered how the planets and stars effect us in our everyday lives? Connect to the ancient tradition of communing with the macrocosm. For generations, we have observed our neighbouring planets and asteroids as they transit the solar system, and charted their subtle influences on our lives. Aligning with these cosmic rhythms can add a level of depth to life; an increased understanding of self, others, generational trends and global occurrences. 

Come and join me for the first of a series of workshops on your Astrological Chart – Both Western and Eastern. By completing these workshops you will learn how to read your chart, how to understand The Planets, The Basics of The Chinese Astrology, Asteroids and other Astrological Phenomena. 

In this first beginning workshop you will receive a copy of both your Western Astrological Chart & Chinese Astrological Chart. In addition you will learn:

What is a Western Astrological Chart

What is represented In an Astrological Chart

A description of The planets and other points

Work Out Your Best relationships

Understanding Your Chinese Astrological Animal

Understand how your Chinese and Western Astrology Interact

Understand More than just your Chinese Guardian Animal, understand your element

Understand Your Feng Shui and Flying stars and where they are placed.

Learn about the Software and Programs Used to Create Charts.

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